Fountain pen Omas Maserati

Penna stilografica omas maserati Penna stilografica omas maserati

925 silver fountain pen.
brand: omas

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the pen has 18kt gold nib with rhodium-plated engraving and the piston filler .
born in bologna in 1914 , then moved to modena, the prestigious car maserati .
still in bologna , omas was born in 1925 , the historic italian manufacturer of luxury writing instruments .
elegance, luxury, prestige, exclusivity and passion for excellence are values which both omas maserati that express in their strictly made in italy products.
an exciting journey, involving close creative collaboration has led to production of the exclusive limited edition "omas for maserati for" made of 925 ‰ silver. it is a cleaver interpretation of the sportsmanship and elegance of maserati with the craftsmanship expressed in the exclusive stylistic details of omas pens.
the front grill, maserati's historic, is mounted in the top of the cap with its aerodynamic design, greatly inspired by the most modern and innovative of maserati cars: the granturismo.
as if designed by the wind, the tapered shiny clip, in contrast to the matt trim of the cap, separates the side vents skilfully engraved on the sides of the cap
the matt barrel of limited edition is enriched with elegant engravings which, as on the cap, emphasise the conical shape.
the shiny knob, in the traditional hexagonal shape, operates the filling unit in the fountain pen model and is embellished by a bas-relief engraving of the trident.
the shiny nib-holder, also made of silver, highlights the engraving of the maserati logo, the nib is made of rhodium-plated gold.
harmony of form and design celebrates the italian creativity.


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