Fountain pen Omas Vintage 360

Penna stilografica omas vintage360 Penna stilografica omas vintage360

cotton resin fountain pen, black ruthenium-plated.
brand: omas

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the pen nib is 18kt gold and the black ruthenium plated with piston filler.
18kt gold nib, available also in 14kt extra- flexible, is enriched with the engraving of pen's triangular section, the symbol of the collection 360.
the fountain pen omas vintage360 limited edition has trim ruthenium black.
the elegance of the omas pens found in the collection " 360 limited edition vintage " a witness of excellence since the first edition of 2011, so that it is now considered
a collection cult status among fans and collectors, even for the limited number of copies available una collezione cult fra appassionati e collezionisti, anche per il limitato numero di esemplari disponibili.
omas completes the series was inaugurated in 2011 with the 2013 version, the latest variant of this limited collection, made of cotton resin tinted and extremely unique and refined.
its unique revolutionary triangular shape combines a perfect grip and an ideal nib angle that enhance the pleasure of writing and it is considered the most revolutionary of our times, it takes an extremely contemporary and bold thanks to transparency of black smoke ,
a sophisticated color made even more attractive by double trim: black ruthenium ultra, for a more aggressive style markedly male.
it is enriched by fine engraving diamonds on the cap and tank, which gives glow to the resin.

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