Fountain pen Omas Perrier Jouet

Penna stilografica omas perrier jouet Penna stilografica omas perrier jouet

resin and gold-plated silver fountain pen.
brand: omas

More infos

the pen has 18kt gold nib, available in bits and f, f, m, b, is engraved with the monogram pj, has a piston filler wire with hard rubber.
the bicentennial of the maison perrier - jouët, omas represents the event into a precious fountain pen made in collaboration with the fashion house of champagne among the most prestigious in the world.
the aesthetics tells about the world perrier - jouët: handcrafted in italy, the perrier - jouët by omas anniversary edition is made of precious green cotton resin which reminds the transparency of the exclusive bottles perrier - jouët.
the meticulous adornments of this precious writing instrument are loaded with quotations and cross-references to the maison universe: the number of specimens (1811), the year of its foundation.
on the background, a reference to the renown anemones bouquet of the belle epoque, drawn by Emile Galle in 1902, is engraved on the barrel where the acronym pj and the number 200, emphasized by a bright green enamel,stand out.

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